Hard to Get GF Foods

There are a few succulent, mouth watering dishes, usually deep fried and battered, which are next to impossible to get in a restaurant on a gluten-free diet.  Onion rings, tempura and fish & chips are some of my favorite examples.  When I saw eggplant at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday, my brain went right to Eggplant Parmesan which is another one of those dishes that is hard to get gluten-free anywhere else but your own kitchen.

After I saw them, I had to have eggplant parm.  I went totally “Giada” and made everything from scratch, using some of the ripe tomatoes and herbs from my miniscule four planted pot garden!

First step was cutting and salting the eggplant to get out the extra moisture.  My mother used to tell me this was to drain the eggplant of some chemical that made your mouth itch…no clue if that is true or not.

My gluten-free bread crumbs worked beautifully.  I buy them from an Italian deli because they are “house made” gluten-free bread crumbs and are really better than anything else I have used.  But, any gluten-free bread crumb mixed with enough Parmesan cheese is going to form a savory crust.


The battered eggplant rounds are then fried up in a pan with hot oil.


I like to drain excess oil on paper towels.


Next up was preparing my extremely fragrant tomato sauce…we love garlic in this household.  I am so relieved that garlic is gluten-free because that would have constituted a real hardship if I had to give it up.


And the finished product ready for eating!


Ironically, the celiac refused to eat it and had a bowl of cereal.  My two pickiest eaters both tried it and my daughter had a second helping.  I am so excited because there is enough leftover for me to have it for lunch today.

No one needs deep fried foods on a regular basis, but it is so worth it when you prepare fried and battered foods as a treat.  Yum.

Kendall Egan


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