New Gluten-Free Publishing

First I opened up my Costco Connection and inside is a well written article, “Gluten free: Necessity or Choice?”


The author was spot on that a gluten-free diet is not a weight loss diet.  If people are forgoing bread, pasta and processed foods they might lose a few pounds.  If you replace those carbs with gluten-free carbs, those GF carbs still have calories.

Costco has been wonderful about stocking foods that are gluten-free and say so right on the label.  Finding a gluten-free vege burger in bulk was my favorite purchase to date.  I rebagged them and frozen them individually so they are always available to cook.

Same day, a few hours later, I picked up Living Gluten-Free at Fairway as I shopped for food.


This is “issue 1” so maybe there are more to come, but the headline says it will tell me everything I need to know!  Sadly, they reiterated the myth that salad dressings and marinades made with grain distilled vinegar contain gluten.  Nope, only malt vinegar is a worry and it is clearly indicated as malt vinegar and not widely used in salad dressings. Almost perfect!

There are some lovely recipes in this issue and a ton of advertising. Fairway has the best selection of gluten-free products available, along with very cool products from all over the world and incredible selections in the produce aisles, dairy and cheeses, fishmonger and butcher.

I love all of the attention on the gluten-free diet…makes my life so much easier!

Kendall Egan




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