Chocolate Drizzle Popcorn

How can something so simple to prepare be so darn good?  We received a bag of chocolate drizzle popcorn in a Christmas basket from a local store and as everyone in my family shoved aside the cookies and munched happily on the popcorn, I thought to myself that this would be an easy after school snack.  Plus, if I used dark chocolate it could even be considered “healthy.”

I have recently joined a women’s networking group that meets at Chocolations in Mamaroneck, NY so I was able to buy dark and milk melting chocolate at the last meeting.

I prepared a huge batch of drizzle popcorn yesterday and it was as easy as 1,2,3…melt chocolate, pop the corn and drizzle the chocolate on the popcorn.

Chocolate was melted slowly on low heat in the microwave and then transferred into my “pastry bag” for drizzling.popcorn_melted choco

As you can see, my pastry bag is indeed a plastic sandwich bag and snipping a small hole at the point yields a perfect drizzling machine.


Spreading the popcorn on cookie sheets in a single layer ensures a dab of chocolate on almost every kernel.


Finished product sits on the cookie sheets until the chocolate hardens.  Then it is go time!  Break it all up and start snacking.  Store the rest in an airtight container…but there probably won’t be a lot to store if you are feeding a crew.

Kendall Egan


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