Stop eating my GF cookies! Or not….

My daughter walked into the family room munching on chocolate chip cookies .  “Those are mine, aren’t they?” I asked.  She responded yes, added that she loved them and piled on with a “they don’t cost more than regular cookies so just buy these.”

I had purchased gluten containing chocolate chip cookies at Trader Joe’s so that she would leave the Trader Joe’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookies alone.  She prefers the gluten-free variety.

That is how far gluten-free food has come.  And to be perfectly honest, I don’t care if everyone in the household eats the gluten-free snack foods.  The brands I buy aren’t loaded with unpronounceable ingredients, so while they do contain sugar and fat, they aren’t chemical food.

Back in the day, there was a significant price premium for gluten-free food.  It is still more expensive, but prices have come down as the supply has expanded.

I am going to start doubling up on the gluten-free brands and just put them in the snack cupboard, not the gluten-free cupboard.  My daughter has two gluten-free friends and she used to eat their gluten-free pretzels because I would not let her take the gluten-free pretzels from home!

I think the time has come to liberate her food choices and let her eat my gluten-free snacks if those are the brands that she prefers.

Kendall Egan

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