Gluten-Free Cinnamon Snacking

I buy most of the sugary snacks for my son because I just don’t need the extra calories. But, Glutino Cinnamon & Sugar Bagel Chips are just for me.

Sweets with cinnamon are my weakness.  I cannot resist cinnamon buns or cinnamon and sugar toast.  I prefer cinnamon gum and I used to buy cinnamon Lifesavers, but they are impossible to find these days.  I like apple and cinnomon waffles, spicy oatmeal cookies and pumpkin pie because of the spices.  There are a few savory Lebanese dishes from my childhood that used cinnamon and my crazy Uncle George was quoted as saying everything is better with cinnamon.

Glutino Cinnamon & Sugar Bagel Chips

I ate the entire box in two sittings…so I cannot buy these every time I shop because I clearly cannot eat just one!


The Celiac Goes to Basketball Camp

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He should be arriving right about now.  Lunch is served in the cafeteria of the university hosting camp.  The celiac is a rising sophomore who got a spot on for the varsity basketball team summer camp.

This is a new phase of managing the diet for me.  I really don’t want to manage his diet anymore because in three short years he will be a rising college freshman somewhere who has to fend for himself entirely.  On the flip side, I would help him through the initial phase of learning the dining halls of whatever university he attends and so I helped out a little bit here.

On Monday I left a message for the director of dining and on Tuesday morning she called me back.  Here is the good news, they know all about celiac disease and gluten intolerance.  She chuckled as she asked if my son is likely to hit the salad bar, knowing full well that a perenially hungry basketball player needs more sustenance.

She informed me that they had gluten-free bread and gluten-free pasta in the cafeteria. Typically for camps they do not make gluten-free pasta if they are offering a pasta bar, but he could ask for it.  The same goes for bread at the grill for burgers and chicken.

She also gave me the option to have specially prepared meals, such as a chicken breast, a baked potato and a sauteed vegetable, waiting for him at meal time and he would just have to ask for it from any of the kitchen staff.  My son declined that option and I think that is the right decision.  In the real world you aren’t going to have every meal specially prepared and waiting for you.

It might be a weekend of omlettes and bunless burgers for him if he chooses.  He might have pasta, if he decides to ask for it.  The bottom line is that he has options and the ball is in his court for the next three days.  Of course, he also has a stash of 30 protein bars in his bag and if he wants to live on those, that is okay too.

Kendall Egan

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