Burnt Toast

Burnt Toast with Smoke and Motion Blur Popping from Toaster

Burnt Toast with Smoke and Motion Blur Popping from Toaster

One random night at dinner my son said something about how I only eat burnt toast.  One comment opened up a floodgate and everyone piled on….”OMG, I have totally noticed that mom always burns her toast,” “So funny, her toast is like charcoal with melted butter,” and so on.  There is a reason I prefer my toast well done and it is so obvious to someone who has been on a gluten-free diet as long as I have.

Back in the stone-age era of gluten-free food, bread was made of, only joking of course, but I swear it seemed like bread was made with asbestos.  I could set the toaster to the “en fuego” setting and the bread would not even turn a shade of golden brown or even a slightly beige tinge.  I could toast it for three days, and while it might have the consistency of a brick, it would still be a pale white color.

It drove me crazy and I used to jack up the toaster setting and then repeat the cycle three or four times just to get a little color.  I like the toasted flavor, and if I were honest about it, I actually like the burnt flavor.  Maybe I liked the burnt edges because it was damn near impossible to achieve and maybe because yesteryear’s gluten-free bread was so horrible tasting.

Flash forward to today and gluten-free bread tastes really good and achieves some color if you set it to medium dark and run the bread through one toasting cycle…but I still sometimes run it through twice or set the color to “dark” and let it rip.   Now I have a reputation and something that my kids will laugh about long after I’m gone…”Remember how mom always ate burnt toast?  She was such a lovable weirdo…”

Kendall Egan