Coconut Cake for Mother’s Day


I have been craving a coconut cake since I ripped out a recipe for an angle flake coconut cake from a magazine right before Easter.  I had planned to make a cupcake version to bring for dessert to our family party, but arrived home from vacation late the night before and just wasn’t feeling it!

Since I had already purchased all of the ingredients, my daughter decided to bake it yesterday as a Mother’s Day dessert.  Half of the family doesn’t like coconut so while the cake had coconut pudding mix and a bit of coconut flakes in the batter, half the cake had plain vanilla icing.

We have had some spectacular cake flops on my celebrations.  There was the time that this same daughter some how launched one layer of the cake off the plate and onto the floor.  Someone else has tripped and splatted a store bought cake on the floor…but we managed to enjoy our half coconut and half vanilla cake without any part of the cake falling on to the floor!

I worked out this morning extra hard and for a bit longer than usual so I could enjoy another piece today without guilt!

Kendall Egan