Mainstream Recipe = Gluten-Free Success!

I was browsing through a past issue of Martha Stewart Living and came across a dessert recipe that I thought would be easy to make gluten free.  The most important ingredient was pretzels and I knew Glutino pretzels would work well.

I think it is important to remember that mainstream recipes are a great resource as long as you have some gluten-free brands you know will substitute one for one for a gluten containing ingredient.  As for this dessert, these cookies were the perfect salty/sweet/chocolate/peanut combination of flavors to serve with a cup of coffee in order to continue the fun dinner party conversation.

I cut them into two bite squares so that people would try a small piece and go back for seconds.  Everyone had seconds.  The host and hostess of the dinner party kept some of the cookies for their kids and everyone took home a goody bag.  I had left some of the misshapen squares for my kids, but they were a little miffed that I did not bring home more.

Kendall Egan

pretzel cookies

Can I eat the whole box of cookies in one sitting?

If the cookie is Ginnybakes Coconut Oatmeal Bliss, then the answer is an emphatic and unequivocal yes.

I am a huge fan of crispy cookies.  Sometimes I find that crispiness hard to achieve when I bake gluten-free cookies so to find these crispy, “betcha can’t eat just one” cookie is wonderful.  To be fair, there are probably only a dozen cookies in the box but I have been sitting at my desk for the past few hours working and nibbling and there are only two cookies left!

Yes, that is a lot of calories and sugar but these things are chock full of gluten-free oats, coconut, walnuts and according to the package “love and care.”  They are certified gluten-free and organic, so devouring the whole box seems completely justifiable.

Kendall Egan


Stop eating my GF cookies! Or not….

My daughter walked into the family room munching on chocolate chip cookies .  “Those are mine, aren’t they?” I asked.  She responded yes, added that she loved them and piled on with a “they don’t cost more than regular cookies so just buy these.”

I had purchased gluten containing chocolate chip cookies at Trader Joe’s so that she would leave the Trader Joe’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookies alone.  She prefers the gluten-free variety.

That is how far gluten-free food has come.  And to be perfectly honest, I don’t care if everyone in the household eats the gluten-free snack foods.  The brands I buy aren’t loaded with unpronounceable ingredients, so while they do contain sugar and fat, they aren’t chemical food.

Back in the day, there was a significant price premium for gluten-free food.  It is still more expensive, but prices have come down as the supply has expanded.

I am going to start doubling up on the gluten-free brands and just put them in the snack cupboard, not the gluten-free cupboard.  My daughter has two gluten-free friends and she used to eat their gluten-free pretzels because I would not let her take the gluten-free pretzels from home!

I think the time has come to liberate her food choices and let her eat my gluten-free snacks if those are the brands that she prefers.

Kendall Egan