Gluten-Free Cracker Alert

I have waited and waited for really good gluten-free crackers to come along.  Rice snaps are really good with cheese, but sometimes you just want a snacker-cracker.  A snacker-cracker is the type that you just reach you hand into the box, pull out a couple and eat them.

I bought a box at Fairway and I have to say, at long last, this is a cracker that fits the bill!


I could have eaten the entire box.  They are flaky and crisp with the right amount of salt and toasted onion flavoring.  I could have used them for a dip or paired them with cheese but they did not last in the pantry long enough for those opportunities.

Absolutely Gluten Free crackers, find them! Ask your grocer to order them!

Kendall Egan

“Woot-woot” for this cracker!

I think it tastes like a Wheat Thin and that is a huge compliment from me.  2013-07-17 08.56.42

I found these at Costco and figured I would give them a try.  I love this company, Food Should Taste Good.  They have taken the chip category to an entirely new level and even the ones that they ended up dropping…I think the chocolate chip was dropped…even those were totally inventive.

I paired this cracker with a spicy Greek yogurt dip when I got home from Costco and totally ruined my dinner with the “just one more” philosophy of snacking.  I told my celiac that they tasted like Wheat Thins, which only brought on the Family Guy “WH-weat” Thins pronunciation but no glimmer of taste recognition.  He has never had a Wheat Thin.

So to those of you who thought you would never taste a cracker like a Wheat Thin, try these Food Should Taste Good Brown Rice Sea Salt Crackers.

Kendall Egan