GF Panko Crusted Cod

I aim to serve fish as many times per month as I possibly can.  Everyone in my family eats it without complaint so it is high on my “happy and healthy” dinner choices.

I try to buy non-farmed varieties and I really try to pick a fish that has not come from the other side of the world…somewhere up and down the eastern seaboard is just fine with me.  I do pay attention to the heavy metal and overfished warnings as well.  And finally, I take a look at the price.  Sometimes the filets are more expensive than prime beef!

Whole Foods had some beautiful cod filets last week and they are much easier to cook in a saute pan versus a grill so it was perfect for a cold winter evening.  I bought enough to feed the five of us.  For this dinner, I used the Aleia’s Panko to make a fantastic crust for the filets.

aleias panko

A quick rinse of the filets and a dredge in seasoned gluten-free flour starts the process. I am a big fan of King Arthur’s Gluten-Free Flour for things like this because I only need to add a touch of salt, pepper and garlic powder and it sticks like regular flour.  I then dunk the fillet in an egg white and milk wash and mash it into the panko.

One thing that I think is really important is to rest the filets with the crust on it so that they dry a bit.  I find that it helps the crust stick to the fish.  The other important things are a hot pan, good oil and only turning the filet one time!

We have everything from tartar sauce and lemon wedges to siracha, cocktail sauce, ranch dressing and wasabi mayo on the table for dipping sauces.  I never much cared what the kids put on the fish, I only cared that the ate the fish!

The panko crust is absolutely perfect and no one asks, or cares, if it is gluten-free.  I know it is, but the crust is also a lightly toasted, golden brown with a crackly crust holding together a flaky white fish filet.  Yum!

Kendall Egan

Gluten-Free Baked Goods Do Not Linger!

I have never professed to enjoy baking, nor do I feel like a competent baker, but my gluten-free baked goods never linger for a long time on the counter top.  The mixes and flours are so delicious today that I proudly serve gluten-free desserts or baked goods to anyone.

I had purchased blueberries and then my husband picked up blueberries at Costco.  There was absolutely zero chance that these berries were all going to get eaten before they dissolved into a soupy mass of fuzzy, green-slime, moldy berries, so I needed to bake.  Muffins would not use enough of them so I went with a cobbler.  Basically, I used the regular Bisquick cobbler recipe with the Gluten-Free Bisquick mix.   This was my cobbler after I let it cool for 15 minutes.


The rest was eaten the next day for breakfast.

On Monday, I had three brown bananas so during my lunch hour I made banana bread.  I have become so spoiled by pre-mixed gluten-free muffin mixes that I was a little nervous about making banana bread with gluten-free flour, not a muffin mix.  Clearly, I did not mess anything up because the kids come in the front door from camp and work between 3-6pm every day and not much of the banana bread was left by the time dinner was served!

banana bread

So I will continue to bake gluten-free and my family will continue to enjoy all the wonderful quick breads and desserts that taste delicious with or without gluten!

Kendall Egan