Gluten-Free Cinnamon Snacking

I buy most of the sugary snacks for my son because I just don’t need the extra calories. But, Glutino Cinnamon & Sugar Bagel Chips are just for me.

Sweets with cinnamon are my weakness.  I cannot resist cinnamon buns or cinnamon and sugar toast.  I prefer cinnamon gum and I used to buy cinnamon Lifesavers, but they are impossible to find these days.  I like apple and cinnomon waffles, spicy oatmeal cookies and pumpkin pie because of the spices.  There are a few savory Lebanese dishes from my childhood that used cinnamon and my crazy Uncle George was quoted as saying everything is better with cinnamon.

Glutino Cinnamon & Sugar Bagel Chips

I ate the entire box in two sittings…so I cannot buy these every time I shop because I clearly cannot eat just one!