The Gurgles

My tummy music was like a freight train last night.  I do not know what I ate yesterday that caused the burbling and gurgling in my intestinal track yesterday, but my stomach put on quite the concert!

I ordered the “healthy greens” for a chopped salad yesterday and assumed it would be some dark greens, romaine lettuce and maybe a little spinach tossed in for good measure.  It was actually mostly kale and other really dark greens which are not my favorite thing uncooked.

I had already rattled off my add-ins so I just rolled with the greens already dumped into the bowl.  Nothing had gluten, so I was only concerned about the taste of those greens prompting my choice of dressing to be chipotle ranch and lots of it.  That did not contain any gluten either.

Dinner was prepared by me and totally gluten-free, so I know I did not get glutened over the course of the day.  I just think all those healthy greens popped and motored loudly as they wound their way through my small intestine.  Does a little extra fiber do that?

Any-hoo, I felt great and I feel great this morning but it is embarrassing when everyone in the room watching an NBA game can hear your stomach!

Kendall Egan