Magazine Musings, GF topics!

My  neighbor subscribes to every health, fitness and fashion magazine that ever existed.  We were chatting over the hedges and she asked if I would like to read them before they got recycled.  In the publishing biz, this is known as pass along readership.  It does truly exist, but it is always a made up number of “double or triple” the distribution.

But, as a devout magazine reader I was ready, willing and delighted to be her pass along buddy!  It is like Christmas morning when she brings her monthly stash over to my house.  I shove aside the daily newspapers and put the books down, because for several days I will be completely entertained by a huge stack of magazines.

Currently, I am flipping through a stack of January and February editions and the one thing they all have in common is a gluten-free section, recipe, medical alert or story about the diet. What a signal that the gluten-free diet is completely mainstream! Seventeen years ago there were a handful of people who could define gluten, now there are alternative flour articles popping up in monthly magazines.

I still really don’t care if Kim Kardashian, Kerry Washington or Gwyneth Paltrow follow a gluten-free diet but I love a good gluten-free food tip or fun recipe.  Many of the authors of these pieces are gluten-free bloggers I have met over the years who have honed their recipe skills or product research to such a high quality that mainstream editors print their stuff on a routine basis!

It is great that gluten-free as a topic of interest continues because I used to feel like a complete weirdo when I had to explain the “411” about gluten to everyone every day.  Those days are over, pretty much everyone knows someone who is gluten-free.  Here is my prediction, gluten-free topics will continue to appear in these magazines for a long, long time!  Hoo-ray.

Kendall Egan