Gluten-Free Ramen!

Is this a big deal?   I sure think so.


There was always the comfort of cheap ramen in my pre-celiac diagnosis days.  When I was living on a starting salary in New York City, my food budget included days of living on NYC “dirty water” hot dogs (lunch = $1) and those packages of ramen noodles (dinner = $1).  Rent chewed up most of my income, gym membership and happy hour specials consumed the rest.

Ramen in recent years has gone upscale with restaurants dedicated to noodle bowls, but I have not seen any gluten-free noodles.  I had a craving for ramen while preparing a Cup of Noodles as I worked at a high school basketball concession stand recently!

Thai Kitchen has their rice noodle soups, and while they are quite fragrant and flavorful, they are not filling.  When I saw the Lotus Foods Ramen in the New York Times Dining section, I was very eager to try this product.

Lotus Foods is a company that I have admired for a while. I met representatives more than once at various food expos around the country.  Prior to sampling their products at these shows, I had no idea that rice was so varied in terms of color, texture and taste.  They have a huge selection and a great corporate ethos.

I have not seen the Lotus Foods Ramen in stores yet, but I am on the lookout at my favorite gluten-free shopping spots!  While I am sure it will cost more than a buck, I am hoping they are as delicious as I presume they will be.

I will have to introduce them to my son and hope that he develops a love of GF Ramen.  In three years he goes off to college so I am starting the mental list of great GF dorm foods.  If he likes the ramen, it goes straight to the top of this list!

Kendall Egan