One of my new year’s resolutions was to get one massage per month.  January and February went by without a massage, so I was not going to let March come and go without even an attempt to get a massage.

Massage always seemed to be something that was a luxury, like a facial.  But the more I have read about the health benefits of massage, I have tried to wrap my head around considering it maintenance.  I am putting massage in the same category as coloring my roots, even though it took me two months to get started.

I found a massage therapist and the first thing she said to me was that she would “unhook my shoulders from my ears.”  She nailed it without ever laying a hand on me!  We discussed pressure and parts of the body and then she got to work.

There were knots between my neck and shoulders, aka trigger points, that she really worked on. It was this bizarre pleasurable pain.  Actually, the front of my neck was clearly locking in tension as well and that was when I said “ouch” in my out loud voice.  She asked me to try to breath through one more because it would feel so much better when she was done.

The point here is that I can take really good care of my body through exercise and a healthy diet of plants, lean protein and gluten-free food.  I try really hard to get enough sleep, drink green tea, and use chemical free skin care products.  But, I have to manage stress and spending the time and money on massage is going to help me do this.

Today I have a fuller range of motion in my shoulders and neck.  She said she would like to work on my hips next time as well.  I decided the only way I was going to keep my new year’s resolution was to commit fully to a plan…I purchased 12 massages.

On a path to overall wellness starting now…the gluten-free diet is only step one!

Kendall Egan