Make Room for Dessert!

We had a family dinner last week at Sam’s of Gedney Way in White Plains prior to my daughter’s departure for a semester in Australia.  This is a lovely restaurant with a gluten free menu and it did not disappoint.

At the end of the meal we were all pretty stuffed, but took a little look-see at the dessert menu anyway.  Right on the menu was a “Nutella-Gluten Free” option which was a “coconut walnut macaroon cake layered with nutella mousse and chocolate caramel glaze.” Whoa…it is not every day that gluten-free cake is a dessert option in a restaurant.  Typically the only gluten-free offerings are ice cream, sorbet and whatever custard that works with the style of restaurant….flan, creme brulee or panna cotta.

So even though my celiac had minutes before professed that he could not eat another bite, he said he could find room for this creation!

GF cake #2

This photo does not do it justice, but there were six forks attempting to dig in for a little taste. The cake was a wonderful mix of flavors and textures and the celiacs implored the group to order their own desserts.

I am not sure the other four people in my family appreciated the novelty of ordering cake for dessert in a restaurant but my son enjoyed every bite.

Kendall Egan