Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping

I ran to the grocery store yesterday for enough provisions to get me through the weekend, just enough for two dinners, a couple of lunches and Monday morning breakfast.  With four big kids, my usual trips to the grocery store are counted a workout since the cart is so heavy.

It dawned on me at the checkout counter how easy grocery shopping had become.  Back in the day, I had to order gluten-free food in bulk and store it. Or I went to the one grocery store that carried gluten-free food and my freezer would be stuffed to the gills with gluten-free food and not much else.

Now, I can go to one store and pick up my week’s provisions for both the gluten-free and the regular diets in one fell swoop.  Into the cart go Udi’s hot dog buns, right next to the potato flour hot dog buns that my daughter likes.  Four loaves of bread tossed in, two contain wheat and two do not.  And, since I saw the new Pillsbury Gluten-Free Dough at this store, I threw it into the cart along with regular pizza dough…we will grill up some pizza later on this week!

My freezer actually has room for frozen berries and ice cream now, something that we never used to have on hand. Not that we really need ice cream in the freezer all the time, but it is nice to have a frozen dessert in the summertime.

As awareness for special diets continue, I hope the “free-from” shelves at the grocery store continue to be stocked with gluten-free alternatives.  It makes life on a gluten-free diet so much easier.

Kendall Egan