Breakfast Berry Cheesecake

I have a new refrigerator coming tomorrow so we have had some eclectic meals as we try to empty out the freezer and fridge of most of the contents.

I went a little crazy buying berries at the farmers market…again.  Last night I took the black raspberries and made a sauce.  With a little bit of water and one scant teaspoon of sugar, the berries just melted in a sauce pan into a deep purple preserve.  Most of it went on top of the remnants of ice cream we had in our freezer.

This morning, I had “berry cheesecake toast!”2013-07-15 09.13.01

Toasted Udi’s gluten-free Multigrain bread, all natural cream cheese and a healthy “schmere” of black raspberry preserve.  The sauce had thickened overnight in the refrigerator and was the perfect tart/sweet topping to the cream cheese.

I used to put this combination of toppings on Van’s gluten-free waffles when I was newly diagnosed and I still love the combination.  It really does taste like a berry cheesecake without the calories!

Kendall Egan